I'm Richard Dolan,
Let's start a transformation

Together, we will have you living and leading in
life less vulnerable and more invincible.


Start here and
do something you’ve never done;
get something you’ve never had.

Design, live and lead in life with power, grace
and ease with my program


What's your Intention?

I am…

a Speaker
will move, touch and empower your guests, participants and audience ranging from 25 to 25,000 with a keynote, workshop or retreat setting.
a Coach
will be the ultimate accountability partner in defining, generating and realizing your goals, objectives and intentions in life and business unapologetically.
an Educator
I author, produce and publish academia that is performance based within the realm of life, business, leadership and results.
a Performance Expert
I am the director of the Global Performance Project, an author of Performance Pyschology works and earned two NBA championship rings…I have things to share and ways to transform your relationship to results

I want to get you to the source of your success

In all the areas of life that deserve our attention and courage such as money, leadership, business and entrepreneurship – I promise to make a measurable impact in transforming your relationship to success and the source to producing results.



See how I’ve made a contribution to legends, icons and ordinary achievers


Toronto, Canada
Richard has empowered our key sales executives through an impeccable delivery of performance-based academia that was pragmatic and useful.

Pagani Automobili

Milan, Italy
Richard catalyzed a new conversation about our firm and its future that articulated a vision and powerfully moved us into action expanding our brand and business.

Remy Martin

New York, NY
Richard and his team defined our Digital direction and footprint and turned digital intelligence into actionable intelligence reshaping our plans and marketing approach.

Oprah Winfrey

Media Mogul
I love Richard and the work he does for people.

President William Jefferson Clinton

Former President of the USA
I thank Richard for all the fine work he does.

Deepak Chopra

Prominent Author and Public Speaker
Richard’s work is timely, purposeful and powerful.